Monday, September 12, 2011

Slowly making headway... Bear Furniture!

Hello all,

I'm still super busy with a growing 3 month old, but I am finding time here and there to continue with my furniture making business.

Before I had my baby, my aunt asked me if I could make her a custom set of chairs for her Muffy the Bear collection. I don't know how many Muffy's she has but she has a nitch in her kitchen for a new scene every month! She said Muffy definitely needed some new furniture and she gave me the fabric she liked. She also gave me a bear to do the sizing off of. Here are the chairs:

And here is one of the chairs with Muffy Vanderbear herself! Don't tell my aunt she's naked... she'd freak out.... but she gave me a bear with a Valentines Day outfit on and it just didn't mesh well with the black and white chairs lol.

It was kind of nice working in a scale other than doll house scale for a little bit. But never fear, I will always make doll house furniture... working on something rather tedious right now. Will post when I get further along with it!

hugs, ara